Dr. Mark Wilson Villarico Fernandez graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University and received the best in TCAP (Terminal Competency Assessment Program) Presentation. Immediately after passing the Dentistry Board Exam, he enrolled and finished a one-year preceptorship in Orthodontics and became a member of International Association for Orthodontics(IAO). He also finished his preceptorship in Dental Surgery. Recently, he also started his preceptorship in TMJ treatment. As a dentist, his main goal has always been to acquire more special skills in order to consistently provide the best quality dental care for every patient he encounters. On his free time, he enjoys travelling, playing tennis, watching movies and painting using watercolor and charcoal.

Dr. Mark Wilson Fernandez

General Dentistry

Dr. Carvy Mae Ferrer graduated from Centro Escolar University. She then underwent and successfully completed the Oral Surgery Short Course program at the University of the Philippines on February 2019. Her primary areas of interests are Pedodontics, (as she loves handling pediatric patients) Oral Surgery, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Carvy loves photography and uses it in her dental practice. She attended a seminar on Mobile Dental Photography during the PDA Annual Convention. She’s into music and arts. She also loves dressing up and shopping clothes on her free time.

Dr. Carvy Mae Ferrer

General Dentistry

Dr. Lee Ann Gagan is a self-driven individual who aims to continually expand her professional knowledge and training. This can be seen on the numerous trainings she has already attended in such short period of time. To name a few, she has received trainings on Hands-on Ceramage, Invisalign,3M, and GC trainings. Currently specialising in General Dentistry, she also plans to take further studies in Orthodontics this year. She is firm on the saying that the first step to success is believing yourself. She finds great pleasure on watching humorous and inspirational vlogs during her free time.

Dr. Lee Anne Gagan

General Dentistry

Dr. Niña Mae A. Gesta is a graduate of Centro Escolar University Manila. She took the board exam and passed at the same year she graduated. Her favorite quote is “the harder you work the better you get.” Ever since she was little girl, her dream was always to become a dentist and by working hard to reach that goal, she became one. Now her goal is to study and expand her knowledge by attending seminars and training in different fields of dentistry. To name a few, she attended seminars on Technological Advancement in Composite Restoration and Oral Surgery Preceptorship. She also received trainings from Red Cross, Phlebotomy, Dentsply Sironia. During her free time, she loves playing games and watching some TV series.

Dr. Niña Mae Gesta

General Dentistry

Dr. Mariken Marice Ishibashi graduated from the Centro Escolar University. As a student she has been a consistent Dean’s Lister. Additionally, she has undergo the Trainings Enhancement course in Oral Surgery for General Dentists at the University of the Philippines – Manila. She has also received trainings from Red Cross and the PDA Makati Chapter.

Dr. Mariken Marice Ishibashi

General Dentistry

Dr. Roselle “Jen” Javillo. Currently, she is specialising in Prime Orthodontic Studies and Training Preceptorship. As a student, she was once awarded for being in the Dean’s Lister and assumed leadership roles as Class President. Aside from that, she is also very active in her church community as a Choir Member and Children Worship Service Teacher. Dr. Jen lives by the saying “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Dr. Roselle Jen Javillo

General Dentistry

Dr. Maria Socorro Lechadores or simply referred to as “Dr. Mackie” by colleagues and patients alike, is a very passionate and strong-willed individual whose main goal is to always have her patients happy and contented before leaving the clinic. She has also been consistent in attending conferences such as the Philippine Dental Association Convention, to name some. Aside from being a dentist, she enjoys going on long drives on her free time. One could say that she is definitely a huge car enthusiast that she joined the United Car Clubs of the Philippines (UCCP) and have received various awards in different categories for the past two years.

Dr. Maria Socorro Lechadores

General Dentistry

Dr. Marian Alyana Patricia Legaspi a graduated from the University of the East. As a student, she has been actively participating in dental missions and was also an active member of the Philippine Dental Students Association. As a dentist, her main goal has always been to provide treatment at the highest quality possible. She is also a family-oriented person as she loves spending her free time mostly with her family and close friends. Aside from that, she also enjoys listening to old songs, reading fictional books, and watching a lot of movies and series alike.

Dr. Maria Alyana Patricia Legaspi

General Dentistry

Dr. Maureen Mae Meneses or Dr. Mau as her patients fondly call her is one of Novodental’s most promising young dentists. An achiever at every level, Dr. Mau, a graduate of University of the East, was an academic scholar in college where her dedication to academics brought her to Taiwan for an International Research Presentation. She likes to stay active and fit by doing aerial yoga and boxing. She is passionate about continuous learning and plans on taking up Endodontics or Periodontics as a specialization. In the future, she sees herself possibly pursuing a degree in Medicine to further her ability to care for her patients.

Dr. Maureen Mae Meneses

General Dentistry

Dr. Michael Bahmannejad Ramirez is an Iranian-Filipino Dentist who was born in the Philippines on April 16, 1989. He left the Philippines for Iran at the early age of 12. He then decided to go back to the Philippines to study the degree that he grew up with. (At his uncle’s dental clinic) He finished his university studies at the University of the East, College of Dentistry. He lives by the saying, “The easiest day was yesterday.” As he always aim to be better than the person he was the day before. Surgery, Endodontics, and Cosmetics are just some of the specializations which he would like to further focus on. Off duty, Dr. Michael watches a lot of series and movies and do physical activities such as playing soccer and swimming to keep a well-balanced life.

Dr. Michael Ramirez

General Dentistry

“Great things never come from your comfort zone.” These are the words which Dr. Ecclesiatica or simply, Dr. Siaty, as called by her patients, lives by daily. A graduate of the Our Lady of Fatima University, Dr. Siaty has always been an achiever. During her university years, she has received various academic awards such as the Colgate-Palmotive Scholar Receipt, Best in Over All TCAP Award, and Best in Oral Presentation Award— to name a few. She has also undergone several trainings in Orthodontics and Implant Dentistry. She mostly dedicates her free days in travelling and has already been to several places inside and outside the country

Dr. Ecclesiatica Sebastian

General Dentistry

Dr. Dana Patricia Villanueva finished her studies at the Centro Escolar University. As a student, she received recognitions for making it both to the President’s List and Dean’s List. During her pre-dentistry days, she was very active in sports and was a varisty player for the CEU women’s volleyball team. Currently, specialising in Orthodontics. She has attended international seminars in Malaysia earlier this year. Dr. Dana is very keen on providing and maintaining quality service that is why she never fails in giving her heart in everything she does and sets an example for everyone by treating all of her patients as if they are a part of her family.

Dr. Dana Patricia Villanueva

General Dentistry


Dr. Rey Victor Estrella

Dental Implants, Endodontics

Dr. Joana Lynn Burden


Dr. Myrodelyn Alfonso

Dental Implants, Oral Surgery